Yes! We Build Custom Aquariums

We love creating aquariums! If you have a certain budget in mind, we can work  with off-the-shelf units to design something amazing. But if you have a custom-sized space to fill, we can absolutely construct any size you need.

We have designed aquariums to fit inside of closets (view from adjacent room), or to divide a waiting room (600 gallon!), or to become the focal point in the center or corner of any space. And we will take care of everything going forward after the project is completed. All you need to do is enjoy!

Get in touch with us and let’s start dreaming together today!

2 Replies to “Yes! We Build Custom Aquariums”

  1. Hello,
    I’m looking to get a small yet tall custom aquarium for growing freshwater plants. I want a height of 24 inches and a base around 12×16 inches. Not a very big tank I know. I can’t spend more than $150 can you help me out?

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