600 Gallon Aquarium? No problem!

This is a custom unit we designed and installed about 15 years ago. The tank is 11 feet long with custom cabinets that divide the waiting room in half. It’s a different experience for the viewers and the fish with so much room in the aquarium. A lot of kids look at this tank every day and it seems to go a long way in keeping them entertained while they wait for their appointments.

I remember when we installed this unit we had about 10 guys unload it off the truck and place it on the stand. I hesitate to guess what it weighed empty, but definitely quite a load!

Thoughts on Finding Great Service

It seems it has become increasingly difficult to find exceptional service these days. My first working years were spent in the retail and restaurant industry. In those days, great service was more often the rule than the exception. My theory is that in America, businesses have become obsessed with pricing and efficiency.  How quickly can I get this to the client and how cheaply can I offer it?

These are worthy objectives, but they don’t mean much if the quality of what you offer and the manner in which you deliver it aren’t up to par.

A smile doesn’t cost a company anything. You can even see one through the phone (I know sounds silly but it’s true). A great attitude and a genuine connection with a client based on mutual trust and respect are priceless.

Troy Yarbrough, Fish Man Aquarium Service



Yes! We Build Custom Aquariums

We love creating aquariums! If you have a certain budget in mind, we can work  with off-the-shelf units to design something amazing. But if you have a custom-sized space to fill, we can absolutely construct any size you need.

We have designed aquariums to fit inside of closets (view from adjacent room), or to divide a waiting room (600 gallon!), or to become the focal point in the center or corner of any space. And we will take care of everything going forward after the project is completed. All you need to do is enjoy!

Get in touch with us and let’s start dreaming together today!

Holidays are Here!

It’s a busy time of the year for us around here. As it is for most people. It’s a good time to get the aquarium looking nice before guests arrive for holiday gatherings. And we sometimes have folks needing a last-minute gift for a friend or family member.  And we love helping with that. We are  creating a new tank for a Christmas gift right now.

As the weather turns colder, people also spend more time indoors and have time to spend enjoying their aquariums.  It’s a great escape from the holiday rush and intensity that comes around this time of year. It’s important to take time to relax and disconnect to recharge yourself.

However you may celebrate…enjoy!


Welcome to the New Website!

We’re so glad you stopped by to visit us! Our previous website hadn’t been updated for quite a while so I’m pleased to have this new, updated format to tell you about our services and also to share information which might be helpful to my fellow aquarists.

Be sure also to visit us on Facebook and we will have our Instagram account up and running soon to share more fabulous photos of our aquariums.